upcoming show: Las Vegas, Nevada


Featuring Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom is a two-time NBA champion, an NBA Sixth Man of the Year, and an Olympic gold medalist who credits psychedelic medicine with saving his life. Odom’s journey to redemption from addiction and other mental health issues is chronicled in the documentary Lamar Odom Reborn directed by Zappy Zapolin. 

upcoming events

Las Vegas, Nevada

World Market Center, May 9-11, 2024

Zappy will unveil the current state of psychedelic research, cultural shifts, and regulatory developments, highlighting the compelling therapeutic promise of these substances. This talk will shed light on the burgeoning psychedelic industry, showcasing investment opportunities that not only promise financial returns but also the chance to be part of a societal and medical revolution.

Denver, Colorado

Colorado Convention Center, October 10-12, 2024

The legal psychedelic space is ramping up. Coloradans are preparing to vote on the Natural Medicine Act of 2022, allowing adults 21 and over access to psilocybin mushrooms. It would also forge a path to see other psychedelics approved. PsyCon is the premier trade show and expo for Colorado’s soon-to-be-launched psychedelic industry. Featuring the top names in psychedelic science presenting the latest cutting-edge research, PsyCon offers entrepreneurs and consumers alike the chance to learn, network, and build the foundation for what could be one of the biggest psychedelic markets in the nation. No medical card is required. 

About Psycon Conventions

PsyCon is a trailblazing psychedelic trade show specifically designed for businesses, entrepreneurs, health professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts hoping to be at the forefront of this rapidly emerging industry. Learn from global thought leaders, peruse the latest psychedelic innovations, and develop meaningful connections sure to go the distance.