Psycon Psychedelic Convention

Denver, Colorado


Denver Convention Center
October 10-12, 2024
The legal psychedelic space is ramping up. Coloradans are preparing to vote on the
Natural Medicine Act of 2022, allowing adults 21 and over access to psilocybin
mushrooms. It would also forge a path to see other psychedelics approved. PsyCon is the premier trade show and expo for Colorado’s soon-to-be-launched psychedelic industry. Featuring the top names in psychedelic science presenting the latest cutting-edge research, PsyCon offers entrepreneurs and consumers alike the chance to learn, network, and build the foundation for what could be one of the biggest psychedelic markets in the nation. No medical card is required. 

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Hear from experts - speaker list Denver 2023


Shannon Mostafiz

The Consciousness of Psychedelic Medicine and Shifting Possibilities with Integration

Presentation Abstract:  

We will discuss creating an environment that moves beyond judgment, expectations, conclusions and allows for the space of ease and awareness within psychedelic medicine and facilitation. If psychedelics were not an answer for a problem to be solved and are tools for awakening our inner awareness, how can we use this to tap into our knowing, perceiving and receiving? With psychedelic therapies there is great emphasis on integration, would you be willing to move out of the limitations of what that looks like and find what works for you?

Speaker Bio: 

Shannon is a Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, one of the most experienced and expert Ketamine Psychotherapy Practitioner in the world, and Founder of Floresta, a ketamine therapy and consciousness-based retreat entity. She invites a unique blend of western practices with her background in meditation, yoga, indigenous practices, functional medicine, and energy work. Shannon invites others to acknowledge their unique capacities and inspires choice, possibility and transformation.


Jessica Laurie

Accessible Pathways to the Multidimensional Self

Presentation Abstract:  

Jessica will be presenting a teaching about the intentional use of the plant or fungi kingdom to develop a greater connection to the self. Jessica loves talking about this from the perspective of empowered allyship. If you are a psychonaut, practitioner, or guide then this teaching may be a resource to support your next journey.  

Speaker Bio: 

Jessica is a teacher with a background in hearing and educational design. She also has a love for the plant and fungi kingdom and recognizes them as powerful teachers. Today she will be sharing a teaching on embodied learning and the development of advocacy skills for everyday life. 
Jessica keeps busy running a music school, teaching, being out in nature, sound healing, creating art, developing maps and so much more. Her life is an adventure. 


Lida Fatemi

Conscious Physician Method

Presentation Abstract:  

Dr. Lida Fatemi, DO MPH, is a board certified award winning internal medicine physician. She is an Iranian who lived in war for the first 8 years of life. Years later, she became a Best Selling Author for her book “Conscious Physician Method: Conscious Life Practices & Psilocybin”, national speaker,

Speaker Bio: 

This presentation provides a structured path for those committed to evolve from their un-serving patterns of past. These patterns tend to be incited by trauma. Integration of Conscious Life Practices helps us move through Trauma to Self-Love.


Victoria Luaren

Can psychedelics enhance your ability to lead and innovate

Presentation Abstract:  

In her presentation, “Can psychedelics enhance your ability to lead and innovate?” Victoria will explore:

– What exactly is “psychedelic leadership?”
– The disconnection disease
– Can psychedelics enhance my work performance?
– Overcoming resistance to change and
– Self-leadership tools

Speaker Bio: 

Victoria’s 15-year corporate career has encompassed diverse sectors, including oil and gas and medical devices, and has spanned from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Her unique journey included a 5-year sailing adventure, braving the high seas in a 40-foot sailboat.


Kara Hollinger

How wellness brands can connect to potential buyers through sustainability

Presentation Abstract:  

Join us for an enlightening session on the pivotal role of storytelling, packaging, and marketing in the non-traditional medicine and wellness industries, featuring Kara Hollinger from Made Outside. This talk will delve into how effective branding and innovative packaging solutions are not just about aesthetics but are essential tools for communicating the WHY and what makes your business different to consumers.

Speaker Bio: 

Kara is a visionary agency owner with over 15 years of expertise in strategic brand development, specializing in plant-based and sustainable markets. She has dedicated her career to crafting branding and packaging solutions that emphasize sustainability and eco-friendly practices. In 2008, Kara established her first boutique creative firm, and a decade later, she launched Made Outside, a leader in sustainable marketing solutions.

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