How to Get a Job in Psychedelics

The psychedelic industry is growing at a rapid pace. With more cutting-edge research being conducted than ever before and legalization looming on the horizon, many people are wondering how they can become a part of this emerging space. 

It turns out there are many psychedelic jobs from which to choose, and the number is only likely to increase soon. From the mental health field to psychedelic tourism, employment opportunities have the potential to be vast and rewarding.

Read on to learn more about the different careers in psychedelics and how to break into the psychedelic industry

Psychedelics by the numbers

There’s no doubt that psychedelic businesses are on track to become significant job creators. A recent analysis forecasted the industry to reach $10.75 billion by 2027 thanks to a rise in psychedelic medicines. 

A global mental health crisis along with a reduction in stigmas associated with psychedelics such as psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, and MDMA are driving the industry’s explosive growth. The space could easily outpace medical cannabis, with the Biden administration preparing for legal psychedelic therapies by 2024.

What are some of the different psychedelic jobs?

Before deciding to join the psychedelic industry, it’s important to consider a few different things. Your current skill set, interests, and even location should factor into where you focus your energy, especially if psychedelics are not yet legal in your community. 

Here are just a few of the many different psychedelic careers to consider:

Psychedelic nurse

The psychedelic industry will center on medicine, meaning the number of psychedelic nurse jobs is going to rise rapidly. Psilocybin, LSD, and other compounds will be administered to patients in healthcare settings, under the supervision of trained professionals. Nurses will likely be at the frontlines of this space, with many already supporting the growing number of ketamine therapy clinics popping up around the country.

Psychedelic researcher

The need for clinical research on compounds like MDMA, LSD, and psilocybin is vast, especially as more is revealed about their potential healthcare applications. If you have an inquisitive mind and a passion for cutting-edge science, you may be a great candidate for one of the many psychedelic research jobs that will inevitably be created in the coming years. From lab technicians to research assistants, there are plenty of careers that do not require a Ph.D.

Psychedelic marketer

Every business needs high-quality marketing to help sell its services to customers and generate deal flow, and the psychedelic industry is no different. As the space continues to grow, there will be a saturation of producers, clinicians, and tourist destinations hungry for new clientele. If you have a strong marketing background, get a lot of engagement on your social media, or have copywriting or design skills, a job as a psychedelic marketing professional may be in your future.

Psychedelic manufacturer

To supply the large number of clinics, wellness retreats, and dispensaries sure to pop up as legal psychedelics spread, there will need to be a strong supply chain. Psilocybin mushroom cultivators, processing facilities, and large-scale biosynthesis labs will be just a few of the businesses tasked with creating compliant and consistent psychedelic compounds for the evolving market.

Tips for landing a job in psychedelics

As the brand new psychedelic industry emerges, prospective candidates may wonder where to start their career journeys. Building a quality resume and cover letter is important, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Networking is a crucial aspect of landing the psychedelic career of your dreams. There are several psychedelic organizations with local chapters, such as Decriminalize Nature. Consider attending a meeting or two—you never know where it may lead. 

Psychedelic conferences (such as PsyCon!) are also beginning to pop up, offering plenty of chances to learn while mingling with likeminded professionals already in the space. 

Psychedelic jobs: here to stay

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy clinics, wellness retreat centers, production facilities, and institutions conducting psychedelic research are just a few of the places that will need strong candidates in the coming months. Even if you do not partake in psychedelics yourself, you’ll still be welcome if you bring an open mind and a passion for making the world a better place. 

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